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The Shadow Empire

Published 2013   |   English   |  Young Adult  Dystopian

They come from a noble legacy of wonder and discovery. They cut through wormholes, portals and anomalies like shadows skipping across a celestial sea.

The hooded ones appear in an instant and disappear in a fraction. Every sleeping child fears a glimpse of their ghastly faces in their darkest dreams.

The Shadow Empire is dying. Their struggle for survival has reached a final battlefield in the forests of a primitive planet called Earth.

Freya, the hunted one, the most wanted fugitive in the history of the empire, wants to make everything right in her own dying world. She feels rage flowing through her fingertips. She feels her broken heart hungering savage ways.

She must become like nothing the world has ever known to save Damian, to save the floating city, to save Finn and Pip and little Tobi too, but with war looming, will she be able to save her own soul?

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